When My Toddler Flying Kicked Me in the Chest and Made Me Realize These are My Good Old Days

We had a few seconds of peace before my toddler again realized that staying still was boring and stupid.

After dinner, we went back outside to jump on the trampoline before bath time.

As my toddler jumped on me, laughed, and jumped on me again and again it occurred to me it was one of those fleeting moments of joy with my youngest child. After one jump he rolled over into my arms and laid there for a few moments. I looked up into the wind whispering in the trees as they gently swayed in the breeze.

He noticed it too as he sat there still as could be.

I was grateful for that moment. It’s the type of memory that I hope to look back on one day with relish and knowing wisdom of the challenges and triumphs to come. I also realize these moments of peace and joy can be few and far between, so I should cherish it while I can.

We get so focused on the next thing that we sometimes forget to be present when life gives us joyful moments worthy of remembering forever.

It seems like my own father forgot to remember moments like these as he grew older. I don’t begrudge it, it’s just my perception anyway. But it was instructive as I resolved to stay mindful of both life’s fleeting pleasures as well as the soul’s satisfaction.

Then I almost threw it all away anyway.

But instead, I found myself lost in the Wilderness and vanquished the enemy within. As I put my life back together physically, mentally, emotionally, and professionally things started to get interesting as I shared the story.

And it led me to the ultimate realization at this stage of my life.

These are my good old days.

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