My Wife “Abandoned” Me With Our Two Young Kids Again and Why That’s Awesome

My wife left for the start of her spring/summer travel tour today.

I can already tell you how it’s going to go for me at home with our two young kids.

Today is only Day 1. I’m still rested. I’m optimistic. I have ample reserves of patience, wisdom, and forbearance.

Check back with me in a week.

My bravado will be annihilated. My confidence shaken. My energy depleted.

And yet, it’s exactly as it should be.

My wife is really good at what she does. As a result, her skills are in high demand. But her job requires her to travel quite a bit.

What are you going to do?

I want my children to see their mother as the badass she is. I’m also constantly worried about legacy, so spending as much time with the kids is of paramount importance to me (the men in my family don’t live forever, so it goes).

And so now my watch begins.


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