A Memorable Memorial Day for This Dad

While today was technically a holiday, it wasn’t a day off.

My kids and I played outside in the sunshine all day. We filled up the water tables and kiddie pools. We splashed and laughed and threw rocks and planted hot peppers.

All against a glorious background of a stunning Spring day in Ohio; the kind of day you only get a handful of each year.

As the sun set, we cooked out on the grill and then ate outside the close the day. Bath time was met with heavy eyelids and declining patience for everyone involved.

I thought about my dad a lot.

It was the kind of day I wish my wife wouldn’t miss. I don’t mean I wish she were here to help out and give me a few moments respite from time-to-time (although that would certainly be welcome). It was a gorgeous day with our young children, full of laughter and joy.

It’s a bummer when she misses on the fruits of her labor (literally).

And as I sit here tonight barely able to keep my own eyelids open at 8pm, I am completely spent and utterly thankful. My kids saved me from myself and give me the ongoing motivation to try and become that person I always thought I could be.

Every day with them is a wonderful adventure and a blessing to be alive in such a time and place.

No matter where you are in the world, I hope you did things you like with people you love today.

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