Out of the Parenting Frying Pan and Into the Professional Fryer

After the long holiday weekend, I was almost relieved to go to work today.

It was weird to type that.

But it was straight out of the frying pan and into the fryer, after a fun weekend with my kids left me colossally tired and depleted,

Depleted, but not defeated if you will.

Today tested that however.

A couple months into my new leadership role and I’m not where I need to be yet. I feel that familiar impatience that comes with inexperience and a lack of confidence.

Now I understand that true confidence is borne from preparation and hard work.

The problem is I don’t yet know how to prioritize what my highest ROI leadership activities are. I’ve again confused action with progress. But if daily writing has taught me one thing, it’s the power of shortening our feedback loops.

Spending the long weekend with my kids reminded me of what I’m working for.

But we can only win one day at a time.

So start with today.

Choose the pain of getting better over the pain of regret.

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