Who Are You Becoming Right Now?

There’s a lot of cliché bullshit in common parlance these days.

One of my favorites has always been about what would we really be capable of if we went “all in”? What if we burned the proverbial ships and went after our goals with a true “victory or death” mindset? What would life be like if we really were getting after it in all phases?

It’s an interesting thought experiment.

But consider what that version of “YOU” looks like. How is that person different? For a long time, I used to avoid trying my best because I feared losing despite my best effort.

Because then that meant I wasn’t good enough.

But things are changing. As I’m starting to bring better energy and action into more and more phases of life, my feedback loops are improving. And here is the weird kicker:

I’m finding out that coming up short despite a good effort doesn’t actually make me feel like a failure at all.

On the contrary, small setbacks are giving me more confidence.

These small failures lead to shorter learning curves. They help me gain a realistic assessment of where I am versus where I need to be.

It takes an incredible amount of energy to avoid the truth.

And we deceive ourselves precisely in order to protect our fragile self-esteem.

Facing these hard truths is the only path to freedom, but we are free the moment we wish to be.

If we find out who we are, we can then find out who we can become.

Who are you becoming?

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