Mommy Returns With My Sanity

My wife got back from a long work trip last night.

She missed a couple nights worth of bedtime accidents with the oldest. The baby only slept through the night once while she was gone; no rest for the wicked I guess.

She missed a couple scraped knees.

She missed the older child getting bit by a snake.

She missed me serving up a few too many meals made from convenience instead of ideal nutrition.

She also missed days of great weather playing outside in the sunshine.

She missed the baby becoming much more communicative, nodding and shaking his head to questions and saying “tankoo” (thank-you) when requests are fulfilled. I downplayed the changes earlier, but after thinking about it, I realized the trip took her away for 2% of the baby’s young life.

Things still change quickly when you’re barely a toddler.

But she’s back and our boys barely gave her a moment to breathe today, including the dog.

We celebrated the birthday she missed with her parents and grandmother by the pool. We spent a gorgeous afternoon eating grilled salmon sandwiches in the . The kids laughed and played and everybody went to bed early.

Just as everything should be on a Sunday night.

Tomorrow, it’s back to arena with a full heart and a few extra hours of sleep even thanks to mommy being home.

What a life.

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