What Survival Reality Television Taught Me About Celebrating Small Wins

If your life depended on razor-thin margins, you’d probably be a more gracious person.

So would I. We all would be.

The History Channel survival show, Alone, pits contestants against the elements to test their survival skills in extreme conditions. Although these folks are survival experts, after some time in the wilderness they are all struggling in some area.

They struggle against the cold, against hunger, against wildlife, and against their own minds.

One theme shines through time and again. When the survivors achieve some “small” victory, they are the most gracious people you have ever seen. They exult in those small wins.

For them, that small win means actual survival.

It means another day.

Another chance to change everything.

Goal setting is a characteristic trademark of high-achieving people. But we get so bogged down in the big, hairy, audacious dreams that we forget to celebrate the small wins along the way. We get too focused on the results and lose perspective on our progression.

Celebrate your small wins.

Then go get more.

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