The Crucible: Sick Kid Workday with the Wife on Work Travel

About 5 minutes down the road from picking up my youngest today, I got a call from his teacher saying he was running a fever.

My wife is also away on work travel until late in the week. I can handle lots of curveballs while she’s gone. But sick kids during workdays are the hard ones.

The hours seem to drip by, but the day will be done in seemingly the blink of any eye.

Communication tomorrow will be more transactional. Time for deep thinking will be an afterthought. And yet, with the knowledge that fewer hours of attention will be available, sometimes it forces us to be even more productive than usual.

It’s an unlikely paradox that adding constraints sometimes allows us to become free.

And so tomorrow (and hopefully not too much tonight), I’ll hold that little one close and hope I don’t catch what he has. It may be a foregone conclusion, but I’ll be starting the green tea regimen tonight. As the story goes, that Noah guy built that boat before the storm.

As for me? Well, there’s no rest for the wicked.

So it goes.

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