Leveling Up Makes for Lonely Plateaus

Plateaus are interesting places to be.

They can be frustrating, sure. Oftentimes, this is because these flat periods mask our progress. But consider the nature of plateaus.

For one thing, our vision has changed; we know what we don’t know and yet understand how far we’ve come.

Perspective along the path is invaluable. It gives us the ability to question whether our actions continue to match our intentions. Plateaus indicate our skills are improving, but just need more time to harmonize with our current abilities.

On the bright side, we get to enjoy that upskilling.

Maybe that means you hit a new personal best in fitness. Maybe that means you improved your conversation rate in sales. Or increased your engagement rate in writing. Or scored better on the golf course. Or had more meaningful conversations with the people that we love and respect.

It could be anything.

The feeling of getting better at things that matter to us is undeniably one of triumph. It gives us the juice; the fire to continue.

But getting to the next level demands ever more.

In the past 397 days of writing online every day, things have changed. I’ve become more accountable. Writing about your life in public, even to a small audience, is transformative in the way you begin to spend your time and how to think about it.

Sure, I’ve become a better writer. My writing is clearer and more concise. I get to the fucking point better.

But in a strange paradox, I’ve also become more patient.

We live in a world where we push, push, and push some more. My argument for today: appreciate the views on the way up.

Enjoy the plateaus as well as the summits.

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