Another Day, Another “Pie in the Face” Mentor Meeting

When I first started working with a mentor about a year ago, he asked me what I needed the most.

After some thought I told him I needed someone who would tell it to me straight. I told him I’ve got lots of cheerleaders, but champions aren’t made at pep rallies. I told him I have blind spots that others may not clue me in to.

He’s taken that to heart.

But in the process, this mentor has helped me reach the proper mindset to elevate my game. I credited this person when getting promoted for helping me with the missing piece of the puzzle. It was the piece that helped me see outside myself and bring it all together.

Today was our latest meeting and I was in the mood to complain.

As I took 5 minutes running through my lamentations in my new leadership role, he patiently waited until I was done before delivering their verdict.

“Welcome to management.”

It was a simple and effective reminder that there are no shortcuts. I was being impatient; trying to put results before process. But once again, this mentor delivered the wisdom I sorely needed the most.

It was the self-awareness to realize I have to grow to meet the challenge.

I was reminded again of Sir Edmund Hilary following his first attempt to summit Mt. Everest which ended in failure and the death of one of his companions. At an event to commemorate the expedition, Hilary is said to have stood up and addressed a photo of the mountain exclaiming, “You have defeated me. But you won’t defeat me again because you have grown all you can grow. And I have not!”

Find the mountain that will make you or break you.

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