Seatbelts and Seasons of Change

As I buckled-in my oldest today on the way to the swimming pool, he said the words that parents both love and hate.

He said “I can do it myself Daddy, I don’t need you anymore.”

I suppose we love this because this means our kids are growing up, becoming more independent and more capable of looking after themselves, which is ultimately the goal. We hate it because it signals a shift in the dynamic; a surefire sign that our kids are outgrowing our influence. It reminds us that it’s going by all too fast.

So maybe tonight was all about soaking it in a little bit.

It was the first clear warning that the days of my little man being “little” are fleeting and growing smaller in number by the day. I’m enjoying this phase so much that it was stark reminder that these are in fact my “good old days”.

It turned an average day into one I am eternally grateful for.

Live in the now, otherwise we might just miss it.

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