The Lemonade Stand, The Swimming Pool, and Rare Validation as a Parent

My 4-year-old made his first money today off his own work and initiative.

He asked if he could have a lemonade stand while my wife had a yard sale. While we helped him mix the lemonade and get his materials (he’s 4), he hustled and engaged all on his own. He made a killing.

After explaining to him I set a savings account in his name and how it’s important to save part of our income (we’ll get to taxes later), he agreed to put away some of his profits from the day.

Then he followed that up by being polite and well-mannered little dude at his babysitter’s graduation party (they were gracious and sweet for inviting us).

It was hot, so we then hit the pool. We’d been telling him he needed to be able to swim before stopping at a water park later this summer. He’s been working on his skills, and today after putting his goggles on he was jumping off the side and swimming nearly across the width of the pool.

He showed off amazing progress and we all had a great time as his laughter bounced off the peaceful pines surrounding my in-law’s pool.

I’d considered heading to Omaha for the College World Series finals, but after a day like this with my kids, I wouldn’t miss a day of this for the world.

It was a proud dad day.

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