That Sad Drive Home After a Good Trip

The bags are unpacked.

The dog is curled up once again in his favorite spot.

The wife and kids are crushed; completely and utterly exhausted.

There is so much to be thankful for, and I sometimes think there can’t be a more fortunate person around.

We spent a week visiting my mother and brother down South in the heat and humidity and was an absolute joy.

There was a dinosaur park. There was gem prospecting. There were fireworks. There were playgrounds. There were golf carts. There were great meals. There was much laughter and rejoicing.

And lots of stories of my now-passed father.

There was also a bad decision to push it way past our kids’ bedtimes last night and sit down for a moderately priced Italian dinner. A broken plate and a couple meltdowns later and we were taking turns wolfing down pasta and chasing the baby. Feeling that we’d be laughing at this later, I even kept a piece of the broken plate.

And in the end, we are home safe and sound.

It was wonderful to see friends and family. It was wonderful to carry-on family traditions of our own. And it was wonderful to do it all with my wife and kids.

What a week.

What a life.

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