The First Tee Ball Practice and Fireflies at Twilight: It’s a Great Day to Be a Dad

A great deal of mental bandwidth has been consumed this week correcting a mistake I made at work.

So a night like this was more than welcome. The issues at work are solved (for now). And it was a beautiful evening for my oldest son’s first experience with tee ball.

While the skills are rudimentary, the effort level and fun quotient were both very high, so it was a smashing success all things considered.

The best part is he’s pumped for the next practice, the next game, the next play. And for a few moments there, I was transported back to my own childhood. I remembered the feelings of waiting for my chance to bat or the rush before letting go of a throw to first base.

Therein is one of the magical parts of parenthood, relieving our childhood through the eyes of our own kids.

When we got home, he was so excited to tell his mother about how he did. After his bath we went hunting for fireflies in the yard. It was serene AF.

It’s days like this when I’m especially grateful to be a father.

I hope you did cool things with people you love today as well.

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