Why “Overnight Success” is Nothing but a Damn Myth. Unless…

Television and movies have made us all believe that the perfect life is just a montage away.

The mainstream media loves to tell stories of “overnight” successes.

So why can’t WE have it all? Where is MY montage? Where do I sign up for the overnight success cohort?

It’s a serious question. Can we really have it all?

Can we have a great marriage, wonderful children, a fulfilling career, infallible health, all the money we want and a sweet golf swing to boot?

There are plenty of articles out there, viewed by millions upon millions of people, that will detail 10 things you need to do before breakfast in order to achieve the life of your dreams.

In my search for the ultimate life hack, I’ve read a lot of them.

Most of them don’t include anything like a disclaimer that tells us the truth.

The dirty, rotten truth that you probably won’t achieve the life of your dreams.


Unless we are willing to work on building that dream, one damn day at a time. By improving ourselves, improving our situations and improving our environments, one detail at a time if we must.

Unless we are willing to sacrifice in pursuit of that dream. In a distracted world, the ability to focus is an undervalued superpower.

Unless we take care of ourselves and others along the way. What a shame it would be to get everything you thought you wanted only to have it ring hollow.

So maybe we can have it all. And maybe we can’t.

But we’ll never know for sure…unless.

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