Don’t Forfeit Hard-Earned Progress Just Because It’s Saturday

When you decide what you want from your life, your time and energy become priceless commodities.

You start to align your actions with your goals.

You start becoming one of those people that “puts in the work” or “gets shit done”.

Progress, formerly an elusive figure, becomes a constant companion.

The days become longer, but the weeks become shorter. Or so it seems.

And as Sun Tzu said, opportunities begin to multiply as they are seized.

The weekends are better when you put in the work.

True confidence grows when you start putting in the work.

Dinner tastes better when you’ve earned it.

I used to take the weekends for granted.

I used to think I’d always have another weekend. Things can wait.

But someday we won’t.

Don’t let go of the rope just because it’s Saturday.

Don’t forfeit the advantage you worked all week for.

Take your time. Recharge if you must. But don’t quit pushing forward.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “One of life’s great illusions is the present hour isn’t the critical, decisive one.”

If you are lucky enough to live to live 80 years, you’ll have roughly 4000 weekends in your life.

This is one of them.

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