Lessons in Life and the Law of the Jungle from the Trampoline Park

If they had indoor trampoline parks when I was a kid, I’m pretty I’d be a ninja.

Like a no-shit ninja. Coulda, shoulda, woulda I guess. A little while ago, one of my oldest son’s friends had a birthday at an indoor trampoline park. It was awesome.

Watching the complete chaos made me think it was a perfect microcosm of life.

Some kids ran full steam ahead, all the time. Some kids were more cautious. Some kids ran full steam ahead, got wrecked by a bigger kid, then became more cautious as a result.

Law of the playground I suppose.

Some kids tried new tricks and jumps, fell down, dusted themselves off and tried again. Sometimes they cried. Most of the time, they just went on with it.

Some kids played tag, some played dodge-ball, some played basketball and some played everything.

Some kids just sat on the sideline and watched; taking it all in.

And one big kid wrecked all comers on the pugil sticks.

Maybe sometimes we all get wrecked by the bully.

But through it all, I was surrounded by smiles and laughter.

And I reminded of this fundamental lesson:

If we work for it and get lucky a little bit along the way, our lives can be full of joy despite the occasional wrecking from the big bad bully.

You just gotta keep jumping.

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