Sleepy Smiles, a Lack of Inspiration, and the Deafening Crickets of the Internet’s Indifference

It’s one of those days when the writing part of the day should be easy.

After all, it was a full day of work. I write all the time about how my new role in sales leadership is a constant lesson in humility. There were certainly moments from today that could have served as perfect inspiration for tonight’s essay.

But who cares?

I could write about my kids like I do all the time as well. My nephews are in town this weekend and so all the boys played extra hard this evening. My oldest was asleep by the time we finished the second book at bedtime.

He tried so hard to make it to the end of Good Night Construction Site (for the 500th time), and his face was nothing but serenity when he gave up the struggle.

The look of sweet contentment was one of the moments that makes you happy to be parent.

Surely between work, kids, and family there was a poignant moment to take some deep life lesson away from, right? Well maybe not. And for good reason.

I’ve recently felt that I’m not fully present at times, even with others. I’m checking email on the work phone, Twittering on the personal phone, or taking notes to write about later. Luckily, if we ever feel this way, its well within our control.

And so today was more about presence and being in the moment.

Remember why you’re working so hard.

Remind yourself why it’s worth it.

Then keep going.

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