We Improve Ourselves Through Victories Over the Sorry-Ass, Lazy Side of Ourselves

You may have noticed that one good day usually isn’t enough.

Even after a perfect day of progress and engagement, we wake up the next day with the scoreboard back to zero. There is no ticker-tape parade to celebrate the progress of yesterday.

Momentum can be a cruel mistress.

While today was fine, there were no great victories during work. No major life problems were solved. Meaningful forward progress was not achieved or sustained.

But this afternoon, my kids and they reminded of something important.

They reminded me that the status quo is not enough. That if I’m not working on getting better every day I’m going to be outcompeted by somebody that did.

Fuck that.

So after dinner was done and the kitchen cleaned and the house tranquil, I got my stuff and went on a run. As I ran in the quiet darkness, I started to gain more and more confidence with every step I took.

And it was there, about 2 miles in, when enlightenment was found.

Because I remembered that eating right and working out brings me closer to the type of person who achieves the goals I’ve set for myself.

Because good begets good.

Because discipline can set us free.

Because I knew I’d be here later writing about my day.

And because writing every day in public makes me more accountable. It wasn’t the best run I’ve ever had, but it was the best one I had today. Another victory over the lazy side of myself.

What a world. What a life.

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