Why “Flipping the Switch” is a Stupid Myth We Should All Stop Believing Right Dang Now

It’s cliché AF, but I used to think I could just “flip the switch”.

I thought I could just turn it on and deliver my best anytime it mattered, and win. Whether it was in business, at school, in sports, with friends and even with love.

Can you believe that?

I thought that if I just tried hard when the lights were on, it was all going to be okay.

Arrogance bordering on insanity.

For my sins I have learned some measure of hubris however, so don’t think I totally got away with it, dear reader.

As a result, I finally learned about the power of process when we show up every day with good intentions and a boss-level work ethic.

We only truly know our limitations when we stop trying to get better and push beyond them.

We also stop getting good results as often, because we get outcompeted, outworked and outsmarted by people that didn’t.

The idea of “flipping the switch” is kind of like the idea of the “overnight success story”.

They are myths.

It could take years to change your life to the way you want.

Start today.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is right now.

Working towards your most compelling hopes and dreams never goes out-of-season. So start planting seeds for your future achievements, today.

You’ll never regret it.

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