Gaining Experience to Level Up: Not Just for RPG Fans

A powerful law of nature is the more we do something, the more efficient we generally get over time.

Take running for example. When we first start begin, it absolutely sucks and every time we go out is like the worst thing that ever happened to us.

Progress is brutal.

But if we stick to it, things get easier. We get faster. Recovery takes less time. We gain the ability to run farther as our cardiovascular efficiency improves. We run more interesting routes. Running starts to become a meditative activity, transcending the physical benefits and centering both mind and body in momentary perfect harmony.

Okay, maybe that last part was a bit over the top.

The point is, the more efficient we are, the more potential benefit we gain from any activity we choose to engage in.

Leveling up, elevating our game, or upskilling increases our potential energy in any given opportunity.

And it works with nearly everything.

If you can begin, you can improve.

If you can improve, you can gain mastery.

If you gain mastery, you gain an unparalleled advantage.

What could change your life if you got really good at it?

What would you need to bring into your wheelhouse?

Are you working on it now?

And if not, then why?

Tick. Tick. Tick…

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