Getting Stronger and Faster in Order to Get Smarter?!?

It recently dawned on me that I needed to get a hell of a lot smarter; and fast.

With a new opportunity at work comes a large increase in responsibility and ownership.

I am going to need to tap into greater mental energy, maintain patience in the face of certain frustrations and come up with creative solutions to customer problems that don’t yet exist.

No biggie.

So how do we do that? How do we quickly expand our mental resources?


We increase our physical capacity. We train harder.

Our body systems are strongly interconnected, so it’s impossible to be at our best mentally when we abuse or neglect ourselves physically.

On the other hand, when we take care of ourselves it’s amazing what we are capable of when firing on all cylinders.

That’s because when we do things right, the positive effects aren’t just cumulative, they’re multiplicative.

Every singular action and opportunity for improvement now takes on additional value relative to cost.

Let me say that again: it increases the marginal value of everything you do.

Maintaining a high level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy, day in and day out, is a game changer.

It’s an absolute competitive advantage.

Even more so these days.

So, if you feel like you are in a rut, there’s one quick way out.


Besides, if you don’t find the answers to your problems after an hour-long run; you aren’t finding them.

Take care of all aspects of your health. You’re going to need them in the days ahead.

Strong in mind, strong in body indeed.

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