Why Do Kids Always Know When to Deliver the Hubris? And Why is it Always When My Wife is Traveling?

As I closed the book, I thought I was home-free.

Picking up my nearly sleeping child to put into his crib, I allowed myself a moment of satisfaction.

It was a tough day, but it was the kind of tough day that makes YOU tougher and ready to take the world. My wife has been traveling internationally for work over the last week, and with the baby getting up from 3-5am every night, my energies are waning.

Good thing today was an office day.

Over the last month, my team and I have been meeting in our office every Tuesday. And while I’ll never advocate for a full-time return, there are things we can get done far more efficiently when we’re in the same place. I have several new sales reps on my team, and I can already tell the office days are shortening the onboarding learning curve.

On top of that, one of my newer reps I’ve been working closely with had a breakthrough today, and I could almost see the lightbulb coming on.

So as I sang “Amazing Grace” to my little baby and rocked him towards the crib, my mind already started turning to my seemingly well-deserved leisure time. I could already almost feel the couch I would sit on; and almost taste the marsala pasta I would eat while watching videos of Korean street food on YouTube.

I kissed that little boy’s head and lowered him down, only for him to throw up all over me, all over his bed, and all over the floor and wall when I tried to run with him into the restroom.

Alas it was too late.

And so as I mopped the floor and put the baby back into the bathtub, I felt like Icarus crashing back to Earth.

Sometimes being a dad is weird.

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