Want to Meet Your Future Grandkids? Stop Avoiding this Word Immediately.

Self-care is not a common buzz word among the “Dad” group.

It doesn’t come up on the golf course or during the occasional manly steakhouse dinner with the brüs.

But why not? Modern parents live in a world where the expectation is largely one of shared responsibilities when it comes to parenting, housework, and even breadwinning.

Smart moms know they need to take time for themselves or else they’ll go crazy. Do dads know this too? Are we too tough to take time off from the wonderful demands of raising a family? Or are we too stubborn to admit it?

That’s probably cool. We also have a stubborn habit of dying from heart attacks and strokes a lot younger and more often as well. While the reasons for this are many, one big reason certainly stems from our manly lack of self-care. You know, but whatever man, they’re probably unrelated and shit.

I used to suppress everything, and I’d later get my revenge with negative self-talk.

That’s not a good place to be. Being lost in the Wilderness while telling yourself it’s all your fault and you’ll never get back is an awful spot to be in. I wouldn’t recommend it.

How do you get off the mat once you’re down like that? Solve one problem at a time.

For me all it took was literally one healthy habit each for mind and body. Humans aren’t all that complicated. Your potential keystone healthy habits are probably among a couple dozen activities.

One of them is probably exercise.

Find the actions that drive the best results.

Our lives might just depend on it.

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