Man Stands in Ocean, Realizes Some Shit, Resolves to Be Better

It didn’t hit me until I was standing in the ocean watching the sunset.

After months on the grind, I didn’t even realize I needed some time away as much as I did until that moment. After a rough travel day yesterday, we had a full day of fun and family today.

The dazzling colors sprayed in what seemed like all directions where the sun hit the water on the distant horizon.

At moments like these, it’s seems easier to find that elusive breakthrough that seemed just out of reach for so long.

And so holding my baby son while the waves crashed at my feet, I found new insight and inspiration. The path in front of me gained new illumination and new clarity of purpose.

So it goes.

I used to take trips for the wrong reasons. I used to go on trips in search of strong drink, good times, and nights to be forgotten as travelers have done for thousands of years.

But now, at this new stage in life, with new purpose, new insight and new opportunities; the real value of getting outside our routines is abundantly clear.

As it turns out, I still yearn for fresh places and fresh perspective, no longer in search of life’s fleeting pleasures, but rather in search of the soul’s satisfaction.

Forever seek the new frontiers.

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