That Sad Return Trip Home and Turning Our Attention Back to the “Real” World

Today was that sad return trip home after a great vacation.

It was the kind of trip you don’t want to end, but then can’t wait to return from. You can’t wait to return because you got what you needed. You feel reinvigorated. Ready to get after it with a fresh attitude and a renewed spirit.

The temporary slights have been forgotten, replaced by permanent memories of family and laughter.

More challenges will come, things will test your patience. And soon. But they can wait for tomorrow. Because today, you are thankful for the time you had. The mental images of your family amidst merriment, silliness, and tender moments will leave indelible images for the rest of your life.

Good things happen when you feed your soul with noble and happy memories.

As for me, I got some clarity I long sought.

It may be the ultimate cliche, but I often think about who I am becoming. What choices am I making and who is the person that will result from those choices? The problem is we are oftentimes too busy to answer these questions seriously.

Breaking from our routines and daily grind allows us to see those reflections more clearly.

As usual over the last couple years after getting my proverbial shit together, there were some things I liked about that reflection. And there were a lot of things I realized I could be doing better. So it goes.

And then I promptly packed all that new self-awareness for the the week and didn’t think about it I got on the plane coming back today.

When you think about it, the best part of vacations is while we can realize and recognize those gaps, we’re also recharging the energy we need to see those changes to reality.

So rise and shine sweethearts.

Welcome back to the Grind.

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