You Know Who You Are. Do You Know Who You Could Be?

Tonight, a conversation with a friend of mine reminded me of a line from Hamlet.

No, not that one.

The one by Ophelia, “We know what we are but not what we may be.”

I’ve been thinking about it nonstop since hanging up the phone. Because that describes me. And maybe you. And perhaps lots of us.

Far too often, we prefer comfort over growth; the mundane versus the unknown, and even safety over freedom. For better or for worse, we accept who we are. And there’s not a damn thing wrong with this.

But some of us expect and demand more of ourselves. We know that we improve ourselves by conquering negative aspects of ourselves and embracing and developing the heroic aspects.

Do you know what you are, but long to find out who you could become?

The answer is simple, albeit not easy. The simple truth is if we want to do something; all we have to do is do it.

So go find out.

Find out what you may be and who you may become.

But don’t just do it for you. Do it for all of us.

It will be the adventure of a lifetime.

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