The End of It All, or the End of the Beginning?

As we close in on 500 straight days of online writing, I’ve become quite reflective.

Today was one day when it was useful to remember that the me of 494 days ago longed for the problems I now face.

One thing I can say for absolute certain is this project elevated my problem set considerably.

And it’s both empowering and exhausting. It’s funny how things go sometimes. We set goals, rise above ourselves to meet them, only to quickly become dissatisfied and eager for the next challenge.

Our restless nature betrays us as the open road still softly calls no matter our progress and production.

So what do we do? When do we say enough is enough? When are we finally happy with who we become and what we get from that person we become?

Are we ever?

Or are we forever doomed to the flywheel of achievement, tidally locked in the hamster wheel of fate and fortune?

Apparently, there are still lots of questions after 16 long months of showing up to stare down the deafening crickets of the internet’s indifference.

Maybe now isn’t the time to pack it up. Maybe now isn’t the time to capitulate.

Maybe now is the time to get tougher. Maybe now is the time to set even more ambitious goals.

Maybe after spending 500 days outsmarting and outworking the lazy side of myself, I would have learned that we only grow when faced with challenges and not when we pat ourselves on the back.

Maybe this isn’t the end at all.

Maybe it’s just the end of the beginning.

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