When Seeking the Hardest Answers, Why Do We Only Find More Questions?

As it turns out, all meaningful journeys only end up raising more questions than providing answers.

So it goes.

With only a handful of days before hitting 500 straight days of writing and publishing online, I find myself attempting to take stock of what my world has become. That being said, it’s easy to identify the external changes, but perhaps a bit more ephemeral to articulate those on the interior.

In today’s busy and noisy and relentless world, introspection is quickly becoming a luxury.

The hustle culture we all love and hate and love to hate demands our daily tithe.

This project has elevated my problem set considerably. I’ve become more like the kind of person who achieves the things that are meaningful to me. My attitudes, perspectives, and even my convictions distilled and became more clear than ever in my life.

I realized my family was my enduring source of pride, joy, and hope.

As I leaned into my true motivations for the first time in my life, something crazy happened.

I started working on the things that truly mattered to me instead of spending my time trying to convince the world I already did.

No longer being my own worst enemy and getting in my own way all the tie time led to improved results in every consequential area of my life.

Improved results quickly led to new confidence.

And that newfound confidence has led me to the most exciting question of all: What else am I capable of?

Where else in my life can I find joy, fulfillment, and growth with just a little more focus and discipline?

And why the hell did it take me so long?

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