Confessions from 495 Straight Days of Online Writing

I never had sacred hours. I have two young kids, a wife that travels for work, and a job that demands its own sacrifices.

I wrote when I could.

Sometimes that meant when I got up early with the baby. Sometimes that meant during lunch. Oftentimes that meant at night after everyone went to bed and the house finally became quiet again.

I wrote on vacation. I wrote when sick. I wrote when I had a good day, and I wrote when I had a shit day.

In the early days, I looked at the data quite a bit. After some time, this fell off as my goals shifted away from vanity stats. Of course, that’s when I started getting the best results.

Funny how things go when we check the ego monster a little bit.

There was never a plan. There was never a spreadsheet of ideas. I never used the “Endless Idea Generator”.

When it was time to write, I sat down with a blank screen, waiting on each other to make the first move.

What I didn’t realize before daily publishing was there would never be any shortage of material to write about. Interesting things happen when the muse knows where to find us.

The simple ritual of daily writing ended up becoming a cornerstone habit.

This healthy custom begat other healthy patterns and ancillary benefits became tangible in many areas of my life including my relationships, my health, and even my overall satisfaction with my life.

I can definitively say this project resulted in my life becoming richer.

And I’m beyond thankful it happened.

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