One Moment of Courage Can Change All Your Tomorrows: The Day 500 Essay

This is an essay I never thought I’d be writing.

The one at the end of the beginning. The 30-day challenge that became a 500-day challenge has now come to pass.

I got tears in my eyes typing that. Weird.

Writing was always something important to me, but I was too selfish to share it with anybody. I thought it had to be perfect to be of any use; while I now know that perfection is both relative and still unattainable all the same.

Looking in the mirror these days shows a very different reflection than the one that started this project.

I’m happier, more engaged, more present, and more fulfilled in my relationships than I’ve ever been. My children became my enduring source of joy and contentment and hope for the future. I became a better father and husband, a better family member and a better colleague. A better citizen of humanity.

The most important parts of my life fundamentally improved while I appreciated them more and more at the same time.

Do you know what that’s like? I hope you do.

As daily writing developed a deepening sense of discipline and focus, I got astonishingly better at my job. After years of mediocre effort and mediocre results, I finally got out of my own way and got to fucking work. Better results led to a leadership opportunity I’d long sought after.

Funny how things go sometimes.

Along the way, I met amazing people. People who inspired me to be better, to become more. People who became good friends and trusted confidants.

All because I finally mustered up the courage to hit the “publish” button once.

One time changed all my tomorrows.

Imagine what could change yours.

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