Welcome to the Party, Pal

I love this time of year.

We’ve rolled the calendar over and begun anew. We start the year with fresh goals, fresh motivation, and fresh resolve.

For some of us, and goodness knows I’ve been there far too often, we don’t get the results we seek quickly enough and quit. And so, another chance to change is gone. But for those of us who really want change in our lives, it presents a new opportunity to usher in new phases of life.  

It’s a time to finally get started on the things that truly inspire us rather than spend our time trying to convince the world we already do.

This week another band of courageous new writers took to the interwebs to share their stories, skills, lives, trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

Some of us get comfortable quickly, some of us take longer. It’s all good either way. If you’ve got some shit to work through before you can bare your soul to the deafening crickets of the internet’s indifference, then good on you.

You won’t realize it on Day 2.

But one day down the road it’ll become clear that it never really mattered if you were early, or late, or whatever; what matters is that you’ve arrived.

And from here, you can go anywhere you want.

So welcome to the party, pal.

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