How a 5pm Attack from the Ego Monster Almost Ruined My Weekend

It was right about quitting time (5:00 pm) when I got attacked by the ego monster today.

It was some shit too.

Putting the cherry on top of a good sales month led me to be less responsive to the needs of some colleagues with questions.

I put my goals above theirs.

And today when they asked again for help, I was initially off-put by their requests.


Ego. Again.

It struck me that I was the cause of the communication breakdown, and if I was going to be annoyed at anyone it should be myself rather.

Feeling a bit chastened, I said my mea culpas and did what I needed to do.

As I sit here tonight and think about it, I have two prevailing thoughts.

1. I have earned nothing and there is no excuse for ego getting in the way of building positive relationships and reputation in the workplace, or anywhere for that matter

2. At least I recognized how I was acting, and changed

For a long time, ego has held me back in ways.

Ego kept me from trying things I might have failed in, but maybe I wouldn’t have.

Ego has prevented me from going “all-in” with my efforts. Nobody wishes to be found wanting, but especially not when we give it our best.

It’s ironic that the ego we so desperately wish to feed sabotages our own chances for the success we crave.

Not today, Ego Monster. Not today.

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