Writing Every Day is My New Competitive Advantage and It’s Why I’m Going to Win

About a year ago, I started writing every day, in public, on the internet.

Since then it’s turned out to be the most consequential and fulfilling year of my life. Writing helped me find my voice. I leaned into what I was good at and learned how to apply the advantages I had.

In the past however, something always derailed my progress.

I found out the reason I never sustained success was because I quit when I started getting ahead. Finding out I was “all in or nothing at all” was a massive realization. “Know thyself and ye shall know the gods and the universe”, I guess.

In doing so, I discovered a superpower I never knew I had: indefatigability.

Something bombs? Great. Now I know that doesn’t work. Something booms? Good. Now I can double-down. Something blows out expectations? Super.

Or something I spent a great deal of emotional capital on meets the savage crickets of the internet’s indifference?

All good things. After all, I’ll be back again tomorrow.

And that is why I will win. It may not be today. But then again, it might be.

Because you cannot defeat something that is relentless.

Know what made the Romans so effective in war for so long? It wasn’t their technological prowess or tactical superiority or even their nearly inexhaustive supply of funding. It was their stone-cold relentlessness. Entire legions would get wiped out in embarrassing, catastrophic fashion. They’d simply raise another army and come at you again. And again. And again.

So there’s the lesson.

Learn what gives you an advantage and then hammer away at it incessantly.

Nobody will notice after 1 day. Nobody will notice except you after 10 days. After 100 days, people start taking notice. And after a full year, your life can be totally different.

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