Running in the Sand and Embracing the Suck

I’m writing from my back patio tonight as a storm rolls in.

Lightning flashes and cracking thunder is providing the backdrop to a thoughtful night considering the progress of the week; if there be any.

Taking on a new leadership role at work reminds me of running in the sand. Running in the sand is hard, as every step you take your feet sink two inches down.

Forward progress is inefficient. Kind of like life sometimes.

For a long time, progress for me seemed like running in the sand. Laborious. Always two steps forward and one step backward.

But then something changed in me.

Over the last two years, I decided what was important to me and why. I got healthy in body, then in mind, and finally in spirit. I’m engaged in the aspects of my life that give me the most joy.

It seems elementary, but I forgot this simple truth for so long:

Align your actions and processes with your values and your vision and see the path become clear.

Change is hard at first. And it’s messy in the middle.

But it’s gorgeous in the end.

Don’t be afraid to run in the sand and embrace the suck.

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