Are Heat & Humidity Good for Clarity? Dad Thoughts on the Verge of Heat Stroke

As the time visiting family and friends in the South draws to a close, it’s time to take stock of what has been lost and gained.

I’m absolutely certain these are my “good old days”. My kids give me great joy and I’m so enthralled with each and every stage of their young lives. Another day with them is a blessing unto itself and I’m so glad I’ve realized while in the middle of it all.

And my children spending time with their grandmother is incalculable in value.

It’s been hot. It’s been humid. We’ve been busy doing all the things and visiting all the friends and stopping by the playgrounds along the way.

And outside of our normal routines, I’ve watched my kids’ minds and perspectives grow even faster than usual.

They’ve also been sleeping like complete shit, so my wife and I have been getting up before dawn each day to get an early start on playing. In the end, while we’re tired, we can sleep later and we’ll never again be here and now with our kids at this age when they want nothing more than to play with their mommy and daddy.

We should relish it; cherish it even.

The good times in our lives are fleeting if we don’t take care to keep them going as I’ll think about again tomorrow when I visit my father’s grave.

So keep working. Keep improving. Keep loving.

Especially the loving part.

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