Invest in THIS to Maximize the ROI of Your Entire Life

Few things suck as bad as getting bad into shape after a long period of neglect.

Believe me. I’ve been there.

On the other hand, few things are as fundamentally transformative as well.

It goes beyond mere aesthetics. It goes beyond your body chemistry. It goes beyond sleeping better and more deeply. In short, it’s everything.

To be completely fair, it’s no picnic. It’s an awful process to turn it around after you’ve been tearing yourself down for a while.

But once you get back on the path, incredible things start to happen.

You feel your strength returning to your limbs. Your spatial awareness sharpens, and you can literally feel your balance increasing.

You start sleeping better. Your moods stabilize. Minor annoyances can now be simply brushed off.

People notice you again. It’s vain, but it’s true.

But how do we stop digging before we hit rock bottom? What about if we are already there?

We start small.

Go on a 10-minute walk around the block. Stretch while you watch tv. Sit on a yoga ball for your next Zoom call. Do just 5 damn pushups, then do 6 the next day, and so on and so forth.

The big secret is there is no big secret.

Like most things in life, we get out in direct proportion to what we put in.

Invest in your health and you’ll never lose.

It’s one of the only sure bets we’ll ever have.

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