Don’t Be Like Old Me. Start Today.

I could die today.

So could you.

It’s unlikely thankfully. But it’s possible.

Our lives are marvelous gifts. And if we use them correctly, they can make for wonderful adventures.

We are guaranteed nothing.

So do the shit that fires you up today.

We could fail at stuff we don’t want to do, so you may as well try for the things you do.

Big plans and big ideas take time.

Get started today.

Develop a strong preference for small action over glorious inaction.

Too many of us are content to sit on the couch and watch others live those wonderful adventures.

Is that what you want? It’s okay if so. You do you.

But if not, are you actually working on the things that are important to you? Or are you just telling people you already are?

I did this for a long time. I confused action for progress. I put results before process. I cashed out my equity in things before they really matured. I forfeited advantages and refused help because I was too proud.

And then I got humbled. Which is not fun. But it led to me being a much more gracious and empathetic person.

I feel like Marcel Proust, “In Search of Lost Time”.

Which is why today is so important. I already used a lot of yesterdays.

Start today.

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