Parents: Don’t Feel Guilty About Enjoying Your “You” Time.

Today was one of those rare weekend days.

One of those rare weekend days in that I had lots of time to do whatever I wanted.

Given my two weeks of meritorious service, my darling wife told me to go enjoy the day on my own terms.

I got to sleep in a bit and then went golfing with friends.

It was a glorious fall day in Ohio; the type of day you only get a few of each year. I hit some good shots. I hit some bad shots. So it goes.

While I went with a friend, he brought along two other buddies. I was paired with one of the guys I didn’t know. Turns out he had family from the same part of Alabama I am from. Small world. We jived immediately and had a great time out there, promising to meet up soon to do it again.

I made a new friend today. I didn’t expect that and I’m starting to realize how valuable that can be as we get older.

Upon arriving home, I got to congratulate my father-in-law on his retirement and wrestle with the kids for a while after they ate dinner.

After they went to sleep, I cooked dinner for the wife and I and we caught up on trashy television.

I kind of missed my kids today since I didn’t see them as much as I have over the last couple weeks.

But I had time today to recharge and recover a bit, which I realize is more important than ever.

We can push hard. We can even push hard for a long time. But we also have to take the time to replenish our energy.

And once we master how to continually push beyond our boundaries and bounce back even stronger and more confident; then we’ll be unstoppable.

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