It’s the Same Every Day, and Every Day is the Same: A Groundhog Day Essay on Feeling Defeated by the Hustle and Grind

Momentum is a real bitch sometimes.

One moment, we’re riding high and the next we feel like we’ve never known happiness before.

Last night, I wrote about how success is only rented and never owned. It’s true, but I didn’t take the time to celebrate the small wins. I’d had a great January and made terrific progress on some of my most compelling goals.

But just as I’m getting my newer teammates trained in a good spot, I now have two veteran colleagues experiencing frustrations and looking for greener pastures. And I felt defeated and anxious by that.

Because rent on that success is due again, and I don’t know how I’m going to make it this month.

I took a long walk last night and it didn’t even help me feel better. If an hour-long walk doesn’t help you find the answers to your problems, that’s some shit. My wife must have sensed my mood since she got up with the baby last night and let me get some much-needed sleep.

I used to make a lot of excuses. I used to complain a lot. As a result, I used to come up short a lot.

I used to want the rewards immediately. And if they didn’t come quickly, I’d quit. I guess used to do (and not do) a lot of things.

Not anymore. Getting healthy again and writing every day have brought incredible clarity to my life. And I now know that while these are all markers along the path, greatness really lies not in where we are, but rather in what direction we are going.

So when we find ourselves in the dark forest, all we can do is take the next step.

Stay on the path. Stay in the fight.

And live triumphantly.

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