Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Have you ever lost your way without a good excuse? That happened to me and I’m going to write about how I got out of that pit. I didn’t like it, I got better. Let’s talk about that.

If you are a little bit unhealthy, I was there in a bad way last year and it’s always a work in a progress. I have to outsmart the lazy, chocolate-craving side of myself every day. Let’s talk about that.

If you like gardening but love gardening metaphors, please follow, like and subscribe. I will have plenty of that coming. The seeds of future essays have been planted.

If you are looking to lead at work, let’s get there together. I’ll be writing about work in the abstract. I have interviewed twice for management positions within my organization in the last year, and I didn’t get either of them. It sucks to suck. Let’s talk about that.

If you are a dad that also happens to be a philosophical bro, this channel is for you. Being a dad is the most important job we have, but we are also better as fathers, partners and friends when we are well-rounded to some degree. Let’s talk about cool dad stuff and how that plays into the larger themes of life, love and legacy.

That all being said, sometimes we’re going to second guess ourselves. Hustle culture tells us this is bullshit; but in real life it’s okay. We must give ourselves a pass on some things. Let’s talk about that too.

My name is Danny and I live in Ohio with my wife, kids and dog. I have a wonderful life, but I almost messed it up.

Let’s talk about that.

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